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The Money Macro and Finance Research Group is a study group which exists to promote and disseminate economic research in these fields of study, primarily in the UK. The group was founded in 1969 as the Money Study Group and quickly established itself as a key national forum for monetary economists in the UK.

It was the first of the study groups to be funded by the Social Science Research Council. It has broadened its focus and its label - The Money, Macro and Finance Research Group - reflects this. Membership is open to all interested parties in the UK and around the world

25th September 2015 Bloomberg, City Gate House, 39-45 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1PQ

The rationale for the conference is to bring together academics, current and former policymakers and the central bank watching community in markets and beyond to discuss UK monetary and financial policy.  Each year the conference will include a blend of presentations of policy relevant research commissioned by the organisers, panel discussions on topical issues and keynote addresses. Like the Monetary Policy Forum in the United States and the ECB Watchers conference in the Eurozone we intend that this conference will become a permanent fixture in the calendar and a focal point for constructive debate with policymakers about the conduct of policy and the design of the policy framework in the United Kingdom.  If you have any comments about the design of the conference or would like to be involved in the organisation of the conference in future years please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Bank of England hosts and co-hosts a variety of conferences and events.

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